Number of TV stations


countries tv stations_LogMap 1. Number of TV stations per country. Colors are set by calculating log(N+1), so the scale is not linear.

The map is based on Wikipedia’s list of countries by number of television broadcast stations (Feb 2013). I made it using my own Python script and it is based on this map. As the original map is in svg format it is fairly easy to add more text definitions to it in order to change colors and add the color bar.

The Executions map was made using Google’s tools, but I found the experience a bit cramped. I did look around to find a suitable tool set in the web, but there seemed to be something wrong with every one. Since I have wanted to do this for a long time I decided to go for it.

Why TV stations? It was the first list I found in Wikipedia that had many countries in it.

Edit: Map was updated 7 Feb. I found a bug in the code, it may have had an effect on the map.