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Summary: LinkedIn page. Physicist, but not ideologically — it’s the methods that matter. Training: PhD, physics (University of Helsinki, Finland).  Interests: anything that can be twisted into numbers;  hazards and warnings; invisible risks. Worries: Copyright, IPR, and net neutrality (it’s complicated). Happiness: family, dry humor, and thinking about things. Email: click here.

I think of Zygomatica as an intellectual playground where I and the rest of the team can play around with ideas that look interesting. If the site looks disjointed, it’s because that’s how our minds work. There are some areas here which I am very serious about, and which typically have their own subprojects. Others… not serious at all.

Regarding academic background: see LinkedIn page. Suffice to say: a lot of experience, a lot of education. PhD in physics, long R&D career at Nokia, experience in academia.

Regarding competence: If it moves, I can calculate it.

Regarding interests: interested in just about everything. Once you start digging into something, you always start to find puzzling things. Always.

Regarding Zygomatica: listed are some of the projects that I am happies about.

Dangerous Patents. Looking at patents in totally different ways — technical, ethical, practical. Though I find patents in general to be ethically neutral, I like to look at the Dark Side, since that is the interesting side.  In particular, Plumpy’Nut may be my favorite case. Dark, but fascinating, and teaches new things about how IPR works in Africa (or does not).

Blindspin. An off-time volunteer research project on bicycling safety, collaborating with colleagues from cat traffic safety research. Main research question: how long can you drive a bike with your eyes shut?

Talvivaara (Finnish only). Deeply critical analysis of the environmental problems that have plagued the Talvivaara mine since its start. Partly journalistic, looking at the system level. Partly an intelligence effort: trying to take fragments of information, and making sense of them.

Weird Math (partly Finnish). Weird and wacky ways to (ab)use mathematics. See also Patenttimörökölli / Examiner of Silly Patents.

SMOS. a humanitarian communications project the whole team worked on a few years ago. Did not lead to anything practical, but I’m still happy with the way we managed to make a coherent whole of a chaotic area.

Ympäristöajattelu (Finnish only). Unusual perspectives on environmentalism.

Avoin seuranta (Open monitoring Finnish only). Thoughts about how ordinary citizens could arrange monitoring of environmental problems with the authorities are unable to track.

Jätteet (Finnish only). Why garbage is a fascinating area to dig into.


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